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Great trip up the Snake into Hell’s Canyon with Captain Eric, Bob and Lance. Thanks for a memorable day! See MoreSee Less

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This is our gal! Kacey Jackson is a great asset to Snake River Adventures, River Quest Excursions. Stop in and say "Hi" at Hells Gate State Park Marina tour boat office.
Thanks Kacey
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**Honey of the month**

Derby name & number :
-Action Jackson 08

Position on the team :

Favorite pastime :
-Definitely Family Time

What’s your day job:
-Sales & Marketing Director for Snake River Adventures

If you had to pick one honey to perform an illegal act with
who would it be:
-Well of course L on Wheels

Why do you do derby:
-For the love of the game and skating

Favorite alcoholic beverage:
-Vodka Cranberry

What about derby do you love:
-Derby tests your strength, power, and dedication at all times.

How/when did you start :
-For one year (7/2014 fresh meat cycle)

Derby goals:
-Becoming stronger and assisting my team to bigger places.

Favorite color:
-Light Blue

Lover or a fighter:
-A lover

Any other skater in the world you look up to:
-I would say that I look up to all skaters. Doing roller derby is about respecting all skaters that you skate with. Win or Lose we are all family. So if you have skates on your feet , I’m definitely looking up to you.

…anything else you want the fans to know…
-If your looking for a passion in life, and are wanting to join a team that pushes you, Then roller derby is most definitely the answer.
We have our first 2015 Home Bout July 18th at the Lc Ice Arena, come out meet the team and see what roller derby is all BOUT! You wont regret it(:
Peace Out!
Action Jackson

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If you don’t have the time to spend the whole day taking in the beauty of Hells Canyon; at least get a peak at the spender while having a fun afternoon.


Come and visit North America’s deepest gorge and a place of unsurpassed beauty which is Hells Canyon.


Bass, Trout and Sturgeon, Steelhead and Salmon, Cast-n-Blast


Historic Sheep Creek Ranch